My Sinulog 2015 Experience (1st Day) - Cebu City, Philippines

My Sinulog Experience - Day 1:

We started our day by having breakfast, of course! To keep us energised for the 'long' day ahead of us. 

We had breakfast free of charge as it was included in my booking at Best Western Lex Hotel, Cebu. Yay! They had this massive breakfast buffet providing us with a variety of food such as filipino food, english food, and many more. It's amazing how you can choose from whatever you want to have either having a full fry, a full filipino breakfast e.g. tapsilog, chosilog, or just cereal. Whatever you prefer. HHHMMMM.

- bacon, adobo & rice -
- ham, cheese & crackers -
My best friend, Jayvee was invited for lunch by some of his friends and his teacher. He invited me to go with him, so I decided to tag along since I don't know what I'd do if he'd leave me *rolls eyes* HAHA

As we were on our way, we got stuck in traffic... unfortunately. I admit it, it's all my fault since it took me forever to get ready! HAHAHA but anyways, thank God we arrived there safely and just a few minutes late.
Though I was just tagging along with Jayvee's friends and his teacher, I had a great time and I never felt out of place. Also, the food we had for lunch was delicious. I was so full up, indeed! Thank you, guys 

We ate at this restaurant called 'MB's Tavern' in Lapu-lapu, Cebu. I really don't know the price range of the food they serve but all I can say is...... their food is absolutely tasty and delicious especially their spaghetti ;) 

Unfortunately on our way back to the City Centre, we got stuck in traffic.... AGAIN! This time, it's much worse because we got stuck at about 2 hours! That was so terrible since it was really HOT, and I've no internet on my phone. THE STRUGGLE THOUGH!

(boredom made me take this selfie)

The traffic and the heat made me feel so tired and thirsty, so we ended up chillin' at Starbucks, Ayala. 

We then proceeded back to the hotel to chill and wait for my cousin to arrive just because Ayala was too crowded and as well as traffic in Cebu that time was absolutely cray cray, WE COULDN'T GO ANYWHERE :O  

(mirror selfie ft. our ootd)

My cousin literally took AGES to arrive. He arrived at about 9PM bringing us the news that we'd be going out with his Cebu friends for the night and so we did. They picked us up from Cebu I.T. Park and drove down to Mango Ave. to have some fun!

We went to this club called 'Bai' located at Mango Avenue, Cebu. The place was completely crowded, we got lucky enough to get a table! We ordered about 8-10 buckets of beer. It costed us about.... 700PHP per bucket (YES, it was way too pricey but there's nothing we can do)

That sums up my first day at Cebu for Sinulog 2015! 
(14th January 2015)
I got totally hammered! It wasn't that bad because life is better when you are drunk, my friend.


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