Summer Wednesdate - Ivory Restaurant, Belfast | 2015

Before the summer 2015 ends, my girls and I decided to meet up before we get busy for college, work and all.

We went for a quick day-out this time. We started off by having coffee at Starbucks then wandered at the mall for a little while.

The mall had an "Alice in Wonderland" kind of theme, so we decided to take a lot of pictures, of course! :)

We then went to one of our favourite restaurants in Belfast, The Ivory Restaurant. They serve the best cocktails in town! I swear! We chitchatted and had cocktails first then had early dinner afterwards.

The ambiance of the restaurant was perfect as well as the people working there. We had an exclusive table outside, the heating was perfect and as well as their sound system. Tell me about getting treated as VIP though :) It was surely an amazing experience. 
Also for the food, I'd give it two thumbs up because it was really deliciouso! I ordered salmon and rice for myself while the other girls ordered chicken. I really didn't like my cocktail choice because it was too sour for me.. The waiter then decided to replace it with a sweeter one. I was in awe because their service was truly amazing as the waiter did an extra mile for me to be happy with my order. YAY!

That then sums up the Summer Wednesdate I had with my girls! I can't wait to see them again :) 

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