Fridate at Fratelli's Belfast with the SQUAD!

My friends and I usually organise a day-out three months before our chosen date due to our hectic scheds! But this time, this day-out was kind of spontaneous. We didn't really organise this meet-up ahead of time, but fate allowed us to... see each other once again! YAY!

Luckily we were all free last Friday (1st April 2016 ), we then met up and had a wee post-birthday celebration for Kaye. I was really shocked when I met them because I thought that Xyza wouldn't be there! I WAS SO SURPRISED! She didn't even tell me that she was already home because at some point I assumed that she'd be hibernating in London after her New York trip! OMG OMG.

I was extremely happy because finally, we were complete... AGAIN! Sadly though, I wasn't able to do a Video Blog because my phone storage was sorta full already plus the weather that day wasn't really cooperating, it was raining so hard plus it was absolutely freezing!

 We wandered around the mall for quite some time, and then proceeded to Fratelli's in Belfast to have our dinner. Luckily, Reyn booked us a table already. She was the only person who knew that Xyza was going to be there. Damn it! HAHA! So she got everything planned. You go, giiiiirl!
So we then got an Uber to Fratelli's and OMG! I swear I had no idea that this restaurant existed. HAHA It's located at Great Victoria Street in Belfast just across Europa Hotel, and is situated beside Red Panda.

Our table was booked for half 6. But unfortunately when we arrived, our table wasn't ready yet. We had to wait for about 10-15 minutes for our table... the manager apologised and to make-up for the delays, he offered us complimentary drinks at the bar. We were allowed to order whatever we wanted from the drinks list!
I went for some Greygoose and Sprite and the girls went for some cocktails! Reyn had Cosmo, and I had no idea what Kaye and Xyza had. A few minutes we got our drinks, our table was finally ready. 

The restaurant's atmosphere was amazing. We were seated in a table that had comfy chairs. The artwork of the place was fantastic, table-settings were supreme and the heating was perfectly set as it was really cold outside. The only thing that I didn't like about Fratelli's was their lighting, it was too dim, also their toilets downstairs, I expected it to be fancy as it would be in some other restaurants... but unfortunately, there was literally nothing in it, not even a full body mirror. 

Anyways enough about the moaning, here's more of our pictures from our wee spontaneous meet-up. 

I must say that the food was amazing! I definitely enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed my girls' company. I now consider Fratelli's as one of my favourite restaurants ever! 

Anyways... moving on.. I absolutely had a good time again with my girls. Never a dull moment with them. Can't wait to spend time with them again! XYZA, KAYE, and REYN! Shoutout to youse, I love youse always x Thank you for the friendship :) 

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