Double Birthday Celebration | The Merchant Hotel, Belfast

18th June 2015

Well... The 18th is actually my friend's birthday, but I decided to tag along and celebrate my birthday as well since mine's literally just a day after the 18th which is the 19th. Obviously! LOL =)

My girls and I weren't available 'til evening time so we decided to go for dinner instead of having a proper day-out.

We went to the Merchant Hotel which is one of the 5* hotels in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Obviously, we started off our meet-up by taking A LOT of pictures at the entrance. HAHA We were quite early for our dinner reservation you see... so please do forgive us! :D DON'T JUDGE US!

We then went inside and had our dinner, yum! :)

Since it was Reyn and I's birthday, the staff members of the Merchant Hotel surprised us with a wee cake! They were so sweet, I was in awe!

After dinner, we had to take "more" pictures. HAHA apologies for being so vain! 

To end our night, we decided to go to Chiquito to have some cocktails! 

I had so much fun with my girls! I couldn't be any happier! It was indeed a 'happy' birthday! 
Happy na, birthday pa! :D


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