My Sinulog Experience (2nd Day) - Cebu City, Philippines

My Sinulog Experience - Day 2:

After a night full of fun and alcohol, we (my cousin, my best friend and I) slept in, UNFORTUNATELY! We woke up at about half 10 in the morning and it was already too late for us to have that complimentary breakfast in the hotel since they're only serving it from 6AM 'til 10AM.

Surprisingly, I woke up without any hangover AT ALL! BUT.. I woke up feeling extremely famished though. Luckily, our hotel was absolutely in a perf location in which Jollibee was just across the building, and McDonalds was just beside it. But of course, I chose to have Jollibee for brunch since Jollibee is my boo! HAHA!

- jolly spaghetti x chicken joy x ultimate burger steak x jolly hotdog -

We then felt the need to chill after that lovely meal, plus we had to prepare ourselves cause the party's only getting started in which we had to.. gather all our energy for the BIG SINULOOOOG WEEKEND!

- the best kuya in the world's just lovin' it! -

- the bestfriend chillin' like a villain -

Whilst chillin', I received a random call from an unknown number. I was wondering who it was so I answered it, and boom! It was the person who was selling tickets for Cebu's  'Life Dance 2015' informing me that she is already at the lobby waiting for me to get my tickets!

I remembered how stoked I was when I got the tickets! I felt so happy and just so excited for the weekend. Like bruh, this is going to be DEFFO FUN!
I got a VIP ticket which cost me 1,500 PHP since I bought it before the event.

My cousin decided to go back home just because he feels guilty ditching some of his classes plus he didn't really go there to party, he just went to Cebu to see me and oh! Not to mention, to get the stuff that I got for him as well! HA! *rolls eyes*

Anyways, on the brighter side, my friends from Dumaguete were on their way to Cebu already on that day to parteeey! Aye, aye! They arrived at about... 7PM but didn't meet them 'til about 9 or 10PM cause I took my time getting ready, aside from that, the traffic was definitely TERRIBLE!

(mirror selfie ft. our ootn)

Things were unplanned and we ended up partying at the same club we went to the night before that day. If you've read my previous post, this may sound so repetitive but the club was called 'Bai' and it's located at Mango Ave. The night before that, we got lucky to have a table outside the club. This time, we didn't. So we ended up staying inside the club.

 - aya x ian x donn x mitch x ellaine x pryce x jeanne -
- aya x donn x nico x ellaine x mitch -

After a few months of not seeing my cray friends, it felt good to see them again plus... I also got the chance to meet new friends!

Of course, the night wouldn't be that crazy if we didn't have tequila! Save water, drink tequila! By buying tequila, we got free flash tattoos! Ain't it cute?

About time to get hammered, AGAIN! Going on a vacation is all about having fun, right? So might as well live life to the fullest with amazing friends and ALCOHOL! It was surely one hell of a Thursday night, I'd say! 

That's pretty much it for my 2nd day at Cebu for Sinulog 2015!
(15th January 2015)

"It's better to get drunk than to fall in love  'cause it's better to feel headaches than a lot of heartaches."


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