2022 SO FAR... (life lately + feels)


We're now halfway through 2022, 6 more months and it will be Christmas again.
I gotta say I've been very occupied with life lately most especially because I've been looking after a toddler.
The biggest plot twist of my 2019, my little bundle of joy, Isaac.
He'll be turning 2 in August and....

Yes, he is a pandemic baby and was born during the peak of COVID.

I got to say being a first time mum is already hard enough, but COVID made it even more difficult.
It has been a crazy, chaotic, emotional experience but it has all been worth it.

Now that I am slowly getting back on my feet again, I can now share my experiences as a first time mum here on my BLOG and also, I am doing this for me. 
These upcoming posts would most likely be for my future self.
For the past few weeks, I feel like my memory has been fading. I honestly don't know why.
It could be for a lot of reasons but I do fear that I might forget things in the future.

Me just being me. Dramatic me. 
I'd like to document more, and share more through this BLOG.

Here's to many more blog posts this year 2022!

I'll end this comeback post with a photo of my baby Isaac.


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