My Sinulog 2015 Experience (My Arrival) - Cebu City, Philippines

Over the past year (2014), my friends have been literally going crazy about this festival in the Philippines called 'Sinulog'.

Sinulog is usually celebrated on the 3rd weekend of January, annually! It's a festival full of FUN, good food, & good people. Since my friends in the Philippines were planning to go, I decided to join them & booked my flight months before January 2015!

As I am a 'newbie' blogger, 
I just felt the need to share and write about my first 'Sinulog' experience!
Here goes nothing! :) 

1st Night (Arrival)

Thank God, I arrived safely at Cebu International Airport! I thought I was going to die at some point because of all the turbulence my flight went through. I'm not even going to explain furthermore about what kind of flight I experienced but.. really, I mean...... I'm so thankful to get out of that plane!

Moving on.... It feels like I kinda arrived early for the Sinulog Festival because I arrived on a Tuesday evening but who cares?! It's never wrong to be that excited! 

Anyways, I have nothing to worry about since my best friend, Jayvee lives in Cebu. He accompanied me whilst waiting for some of our friends to arrive for the Sinulog Weekend!

On the first night of my trip, I felt so knackered BUT hungry! So we went to Cebu I.T. Park to have something to eat.. late dinner, perhaps! I was that hungry, I even forgot to take pictures of what we had to eat. The only picture I have is this.... *rolls eyes* pa-cute much, besh?!

Despite of my 'knackered' feeling, I didn't want to waste our night! My best friend knew exactly where to chill after dinner. He brought me to 'Tops Lookout' which is located at Busay, Cebu. 
It felt like it took us forever to get there because the place was quite far from the city BUT it was all worth it! 
The place had an entrance fee which is 100PHP per person (not bad) and it's open 24 hours (i suppose?) HAHAHA. We went there at about 11PM, & chilled there for like an hour.... The place also has this little 'store' or 'tindahan' in which you can buy, drinks like coffee, tea, liquor and many more. Also, you can buy snacks like sweets, crisps and stuff like that but I really wouldn't recommend you guys buying goods from there because it's WAY TOO PRICEY! 
Forgive me for not having a proper camera with me. I only took these pictures from my phone. Anyways, pretty much this was my view from the place. It was overlooking the beautiful City of Cebu! The atmosphere was so chill & the view was literally so breathtaking!

The place has this 'thingy' as well with tables & chairs in which people could eat their snacks and maybe have a drink as well! 

Before calling it a night, we dropped by at 'La Vie Parisienne' which is a wine bar in Cebu to have a drink! It's never to early to drink up & celebrate Sinulog. Right?!

(soz for the snapchat quality. HAHA)

The atmosphere of this wine bar was absolutely brilliant! It has a 'posh' kinda atmosphere but all the goods there were very affordable (in my opinion).

So far... this was the best wine I've ever tasted in my whole life! If you know me personally, I'm not really into drinking wine.. but this wine is just.... AHHHH! It tasted amazeballs & oh, it's affordable as well (approx 240-260PHP per bottle *as what as I've remembered*) + the macarons! It costed about 60PHP for three & it came with this cute packaging! 

The staff members were also very hospitable & even catered us though they're already 'closing' :)
A big thumbs up to this wine bar!!!! 

That's pretty much it for the first night of my trip! x


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