Life Dance 2015 - Sinulog - Cebu City, Philippines!

My Sinulog Experience - Day 3:

On my third day in Cebu, I woke up really late. I remember waking up at 11AM in which I didn't have time to eat anymore because I had to pack my things, and get ready to check-out and move to another hotel. I didn't even have enough time to shower. I know, I know! This is what I get for procrastinating and doing things at the last minute, LOL! Oh well...

Moving on.. I checked out from the hotel at about 12PM and rushed to Ayala Centre, Cebu to meet up with my friends before we check-in to the other hotel that we booked. Check-in time isn't 'til 3PM. So we had to wander around the mall for about 2-3 hours.

I wanted to go shopping but then I remembered that my budget is limited. So I had to control myself. But apparently, I had to buy what I needed though! I needed a small bag for partying. It's hard to bring a big bag with you whilst you party, right?! Also, bringing a big bag in an EXTREMELY crowded place isn't really a good idea. HMMM. 

(I bought this sling/body hugger bag from Guess. It costed me 3,999 PHP which wasn't that bad. I think? It has loads of compartments which I like. Also, if I use this bag, bringing my wallet wouldn't be necessary anymore since it has a compartment which I can put my cards and cash on. I believe that this was a good purchase. Aside from having a good quality, it also served me well during those fun times I had in Cebu.)

- filipino cuisine at it's finest! -

My friends and I had brunch at Gerry's Grill, at Ayala Centre Cebu. Aside from craving for filipino food, I was kinda feeling sick and my head was banging! Hangover, I guess? I needed hot soup in my system to make me feel better. 

'Gerry’s Grill offers a menu packed with scrumptious food ranging from Grilled Seafood, Filipino and Asian favorites and tastefully prepared beermates and Pica-Pica.' 

Well...... for me, their food was not the best, but it was okay! It was tasty but not that delicious. If you know what I mean? Their staff weren't really hospitable and friendly so... I really don't know what to say. Another downside was, they didn't serve Watermelon Milkshake which was a real bummer! 

- jayvee x aya x ellaine x donn x doll x cianna x ira - 

After a few hours of wandering around the mall, it's finally time to check-in! The hotel that we booked was in a perf location since it's only a 2-3 minute walk away from Ayala Centre, Cebu. 

It's called the 'Mandarin Plaza Hotel, Cebu'. It's rated as a three-star hotel, and it's massive compared to the previous hotel that I stayed in. The staff members were friendly and hospitable. Also, the atmosphere of the hotel was brilliant! It was so festive as they decorated and prepared so much for the Sinulog Festival. 

- our bags though! as if we're entering the PBB house or something, LOL -

My friends and I chilled for an hour or so before getting ready for the Sinulog Life Dance 2015.
Most of us were girls, so it took us FOREVER to get ready! Getting ready for a night-out takes A LOT of time and effort you know! :D 
- that's us, ready to parteeeeeh! -
- SQUAD (my best friend's MIA) - 

Life Dance is basically the Philippines' first ever outdoor EDM party, kicked off it's premier event in Cebu last 2012, and since then they've been organising and making this event happen annually for Cebu's Sinulog Festival. It draws an enormous number of people every year, which is amazing. Statistically, there were about 40,000 people who came and partied this year (2015).
We started off the night by drinking beer at the parking lot. My best friend, Jayvee and his schoolmates were selling cigarettes and beer at the parking lot. LOL :D So we had a few drinks first before entering the gate, since the drinks inside were VERY PRICEY!
- eve x lauren x mitch x ellaine x jeanne x joy -
Alcohol boosts your confidence up, then makes you friendliest person in the world! LOL! =))
We met new friends at the parking lot! Yay! BUT we didn't see them after that night though. Good thing we exchanged Instagram usernames and followed one another, and 'til now, we still keep in touch! x
- ellaine x anton + jayvee photobombing -
Also, I bumped into a friend from high-school at the parking lot! Wow, small world, it is! 
We then went inside the gate, and partied like there's no tomorrow. The crowd was unbelievable, like literally! I couldn't forget the feeling when we went inside the gate, it nearly came to the point that a stampede might happen. NO JOKE! But anyways, I'm glad I entered the event safely and alive. LOL =))
In other words, I AM GLAD I SURVIVED!
I smoked and drank, and drank even more and more and more and MOOOORE. Which led to a blurry night! I'm kinda surprised how I managed to take pictures with some random people but nah! HAHAHA. I guess that's what I get for drinking too much? A LOT OF CONFIDENCE! Oopsy! 
My 3rd Day at Cebu for Sinulog 2015 was a BLAST though I really couldn't remember and recall what else happened that night!
(16th January 2015)

Oh well... 
I live for the nights that I can't remember with the people that I can't forget!
© Ira Ramos (for some of the pictures)


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